Fattorini LAB for PP home, Bergamo

When we entered in the apartment we realized right away that we were working with something extremely valuable.

Mobilificio fattorini for 'casa PP' Leffe, Bergamo.

Casa PP

When you design and build the furniture of a house step by step together with our customers it is inevitable that they become friends, and it is inevitable that there are emotions for every second of life that they spend inside of these spaces.

Design and supply for B&B da Bice in Bergamo

New housing form in the town is represented by fresh and vivid spaces.

On one side rooms are designed with the purpose of being comfortable in order to fulfill all the guest needs while on the other they are functioning and practical for a simple management.

Interiors design for an attic at the seaside – Bergeggi

attic at the seaside Bergeggi - Mobilificio Fattorini

A white box interrupted by a red wall. Outside the window only sky and sea. Inside a space cut out for the house owners. A shelf wraps around the room unifying in one gesture the all project.

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