Fattorini LAB for Porca Vacca, Mapello, Bergamo

FattoriniLAB produced furnishings for Porca Vacca, which landed on the market within the Continente shopping center in Mapello, in the province of Bergamo.

Fattorini LAB for Crank, Milano

FattoriniLAB has created the furnishings for Crank Organic Bikery in the beautiful Isola neighborhood in Milan. Everyone had a taste of construction "in the shop", everything is personalized and hand-built to fit into this red brick building in the industrial flavor. Crank also sell bicycles.

Fattorini LAB for PUNTOGEL, Bergamo


Fattorini LAB is an official partner at the training center of PUNTOGEL leading company in the commercialization of products for ice cream parlors and pastry shops. The space is like a school for ice cream makers who want to learn and experiment with new methods and new products.

Fattorini LAB for Tipicetta, London, United Kingdom.

FattoriniLAB with Yellowmat studio has realized the new format for London. Project guideline is: the home kitchen, that accompanies the memory of each of us, and reminds us when we was child and we were protected all 'inside of grandmother cooking.

Mobilificio fattorini for Enjoy your break, Milan Central Station

Enjoy your Break

Mobilificio fattorini has produced the furniture for this temporary street food market in Central Station in Milan. The theme is the trip and what better packing cases can represent it?


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