Case history

Don Tannino, Bar a vin, Brera Milano

Don Tannino

Don Tannino is not just a bar and it is not just a deli. Not even a wine shop or a delicatessen. Don Tannino is all of these things together. All these activities taking place as we will be in the kitchen at home, because the customer is always guest.

Sbafo, Ponte San Pietro, Bergamo

sbafo Ponte s Pietro

When we work in a business started and successful we must always calculate well a lot of things. The first and most important is to give something extra to the customers. Others can be summarized as not to upset the soul of the place. It is in this context that we are engaged there.

Fattorini furniture workshop for Locanda al Gombito, Bergamo, Città Alta

restaurant città alta

Fattorini furniture workshop has produced furnishings for this wonderful and interesting restaurant in the core of the upper part of Bergamo.