FattoriniLAB for Al Diciotto, Bergamo

April 2017

FattoriniLAB has produced furnishings for the famous Al Diciotto Bergamo bar in the central S. Orsola street, a benchmark for city life from breakfast to afternoon. The project was born with the idea of giving a distinctive sign to the bench at the entrance of the room, expanding it to the renewed space requirements and new products that the management has. At the entrance a completely black iron volume surprises us to give space to the quay and contain the concrete facade. Iron and cement are the two materials used also in the backburn, on which a lighted barman has been placed for barman use. Always iron and cement are the materials that, with the extension of the bench, embrace the whole area of administration. The image is strong, clear. Space is perfect for enhancing management skills and creating fun and entertainment situations.