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Custom-made furniture design

Custom-made furniture design

Fattorini furniture workshop believes that design is the company distinctive and quality-related element.

Planning office is the nerve centre from where all the other jobs originate, including realizations of whole spaces or just the...

Furniture production

Furniture production

For over fifty years Fattorini furniture workshop distinguished itself for the production of wooden and metal chairs, tables and stools, including hundreds of customizable catalogue products.

The offer is completed by the possibility to...

Pre-sale and post-sale support

Pre-sale and post-sale support

The projects' correct implementation is entrusted to a team of specialized technicians and assemblers, which with their experience take care both of the supply of the furnishings and of articulated building sites that call for planning and...

Latest News and Creations

Casa PP

Mobilificio fattorini for 'casa PP' Leffe, Bergamo.

When you design and build the furniture of a house step by step together with our cus...

Enjoy your Break

Mobilificio fattorini for Enjoy your break, Milan Central Station

Mobilificio fattorini has produced the furniture for this temporary street food marke...

Don Tannino

Don Tannino, Bar a vin, Brera Milano

Don Tannino is not just a bar and it is not just a deli. Not even a wine shop or a de...

sbafo Ponte s Pietro

Sbafo, Ponte San Pietro, Bergamo

When we work in a business started and successful we must always calculate well a lot...

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